Common Sump Pump Problems

Common Sump Pump Problems

Why Do Sump Pumps Fail?

Sump pumps are mechanical devices and therefore prone to malfunction over time. They need a power source and when that fails, the pump fails. And among the many types, brands, and models of sump pump on the market, some are poorly designed and cheaply built. Lastly, an improper installation can cause a sump pump to under-perform or function ineffectively.

Common Sump Pump Issues

  • Improper Installation - If improper installation is the case, your pump is more likely to suffer from performance issues and problems that lead to expensive repairs.

  • Overwhelmed Sump Pump - In rare cases, one sump pump might not be enough to handle large volumes of water pouring in, especially on heavy rainy days.

  • Power Switch Turned OFF -  Overflow or a random malfunction can turn off the power switch, causing your system to not work and risk water damages.

  • Lack of Power - Sometimes pumps cannot get a constant source of power, whether from a bad outlet or a failure in the circuitry. A lack of consistent power to the motor will undoubtedly cause the sump pump to fail.
  • Missing or Broken Check Valve - A broken or missing check valve can result in one-third to two-thirds of the water to flow right back into the pit and will overwork the pump. If you are having check valve issues, see Check Valve Failure Repair services or replace your sump pump.
Overwhelmed Sump Pump

Rely on Sump Pump Geeks to Repair Your Sump Pump Problems

A good sump pump is a homeowner’s first line of defense against a basement flood, whether caused by a storm or plumbing leak. On the contrary, if a sump pump fails on you, it can make a problem worse or cause flooding itself. 

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