French Drain from Coast to Coast

Groundwater drainage is a crucial step for any house. Draining the water in the yard and keeping it from entering the basement is a major step that determines the health of your basement and property. Sump Pump Geeks offers Grate Products;  the most innovative and effective drainage systems to tackle water intrusion and keep mold problems away from your basement. We are the largest network of dedicated professionals who are soulfully invested in making life easier for you.

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How Effective are French Drains? 

Soil is dug around the outside perimeter of your home, where pipes are installed to make a drainage system. It is aimed to capture the water before they come in contact with the basement foundation. However, the pipes are not installed deep, so the water going under the pipes easily comes in contact with the foundation wall. Moreover, when rain falls, dirt, mud, and other particles in the soil enter the drainage pipes and eventually cause a clog. Fixing the clog is an extensive process and a huge mess. 

Sump Pump Geeks offers you an easier and more reliable drainage solution. Our patented drainage systems are engineered to be clog-free and provide nonstop service.  

Reasons to Choose Sump Pump Geeks for Drainage Solution

  • Patented Drainage System
  • Custom Installed for Each Home
  • Clog-Free Drainage
  • No Yard Excavation Needed
  • Affordable & Reliable

Having Water Leaks? Sump Pump Geeks can Help

Water intrusion in your basement may be the reason for damaged basement contents and mold growth. Mold greatly affects your property and family members as well. Avoid water damage due to water intrusions & water leaks with our innovative drainage solutions. Sump Pump Geeks is at your service 24/7, call now at 855-783-6133. Our service area includes Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, Michigan, and more inside the United States of America. Find your local Sump Pump Geek contractor here.

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