Footing Drain in the USA by Sump Pump Geeks

Sump Pump Geeks is your local drainage specialist with extensive experience of more than three decades. We provide efficient drainage solutions to homeowners all over the United States of America. Avoid wet basement problems with our drainage solutions that are custom-made for each basement to provide maximum effect. Enjoy a clog-free drainage system with our expertise. Call Sump Pump Geeks today at 855-783-6133

Footing Drain Effectiveness

Footing drains were designed for use in the late 1800s, while many people still use this method for water drainage, it is not quite effective. Dirt particles in the ground enter the drains along with water and form layers of sediment that eventually lead to clogging. Moreover, slit, mud or other objects in the ground may also enter the pipelines and clog the system. Fixing a clogged footing drain is a very extensive process which is also quite costly. 

A clogged drain may bring various problems for your property. Leaking cracks may form on the foundation wall as a result of hydrostatic pressure build-up from the water that is clogged. Furthermore, the wall-floor joint may start to leak because of the pressure. Click here to find out more causes of basement leak.

Sump Pump Geeks Drainage Solution all Over USA

Sump Pump Geeks offers innovative Grate Products Drainage Systems to tackle the modern problems of today. Engineered with durable material and efficient design, our drainage system will give you a clog-free drainage experience. At the same time, it saves you the hassle of expensive excavation costs required for footing drain repairs and keeps your yard safe. Check out our drainage systems today.

We also offer multi-patented GrateSump™ sump pumps if you are interested. 

Advantages of Sump Pump Geeks' Drainage Systems

  • Efficient Drainage
  • Clog-Free Experience
  • No Damage to Yard
  • Avoid Mold Growth
  • Clean & Dry Basement

Contact Sump Pump Geeks for Reliable Drainage Solutions

Sump Pump Geeks offers drainage solutions all over the USA including Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, and many more. Find your local Geek here. If your footing drain develops some faults or is clogged, contact the Sump Pump Geeks at 855-783-6133 for modern drainage solutions.

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