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For over 30 years, Steve Andras and his team have been reinventing the basement waterproofing and crawl space repair industries. They have effectively changed the way basement drainage is being done all across North America. Steve pioneered the idea of closed drainage systems, and servicing sump pumps annually to ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing systems.

In late 2006, Grate Products, LLC was founded to distribute quality basement drainage products and train Authorized Contractors throughout the world as to properly installing them. Thirteen years later, in 2019, Steve launched the Sump Pump Geeks national dealer network of dedicated, highly trained specialty contractors, to help homeowners stay dry, when stormy weather hits. 

Today, Steve continues to help people make their basements healthy. Steve has served as President of the National Association of Waterproofing & Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC) in 2000-2001 and President of the Basement Health Association (BHA) in 2010-2011. He also served for many years as the Education Committee Chairman of the Basement Health Association. With his leadership, Steve is helping create a new and exciting industry which has the potential of improving the quality of life for millions of people through total basement health. Finally, all the service trades working in the basement environment will be talking and sharing to the benefit of all consumers.

The Sump Pump Geek Approach

We offer a combination of experience and advanced technology. Over 30 years of on the job experience have gone into engineering the Sump Pump Geeks system. We service any style or brand of sump pumps, and only install closed drainage systems which utilize a wall vapor barrier to direct water down into the sub-floor drainage.

When you consider the risks that a wet basement poses to your family’s health, the increased resale value of your home with a dry basement or crawl space, and the risk of a flooded basement without annual sump pump service, the decision becomes easy.


The Sump Pump Geeks, LLC purpose is to protect people from the dangerous conditions that can exist in their basements and crawl spaces, by providing annual sump pump service, and quality basement/crawl space products and processes. Our goal is to make every home in the world healthier by helping our contractors provide their clients with sump pump repair, necessary products & basement/crawl space services that promote a healthy below grade environment.

Our employees are our best resource!

Highly trained and certified through the Sump Pump Geek network, they don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

We have built our business on excellent customer service because we know that’s what is sorely needed in the world of sump pump maintenance.

Give us a chance to show you how this commitment to service can help keep your home dry, clean & healthy!

We Service All Sump Pump Brands!

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